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The most comprehensive and complete course for musicians who want to learn how to confidently and fluently play all 12 keys on the Piano

Get your hands on the world's most comprehensive step-by-step guide to learning all 12 Piano keys

Learn how to become a No More Transpose Piano player with the easiest, step-by-step guide from Gospel Keys Easy

You'll never want to transpose again

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The ability to play all 12 Piano keys is a must for every serious gospel musician. 

If you don’t play all 12 keys, then you are simply cheating yourself from proper growth and advancement on the Piano.

Even if you consider yourself an advanced musician, you know the embarrassment you feel every time you are looking for the transpose button before a performance. You know how nervous you feel if you don’t know the type of keyboard available at that gig you’re about to play at.

You don’t have to go through this ordeal anymore. Gospel Keys Easy No More Transpose course has all the tools, guide, tutorials, exercises, practice routines that you need.

How to learn all 12 keys, step by step

Learn how to play all 12 Piano keys the fun and EASY way

You’ve probably said to yourself before:

“Learning all 12 Piano keys is difficult and time-consuming”
“Playing all 12 keys is only for the top, advanced musicians”
“It’s too late to learn how to play all keys”

But once you start going through the lessons of the No More Transpose course, you’ll see that it’s simply not true. So how do you do it?

You learn from the best course in the world to learn all 12 Piano keys.

In this course, I will show you every single thing that you need to do to start playing all 12 keys, in a very structured, step-by-step that’s really fun and 100% not scary way. 

Here’s how:

The 1st and most important step in a new key is to learn the major scale of the new key. Get step-by-step major scale lessons in every single key

After mastering the major scale of the new key, the next step is to start doing variety of finger exercises in the new key

The next step after adequate finger exercises on the new key is to start playing simple chords and chord progressions in the new key

Now that you are very familiar with the new key, the next step is to start learning advanced chords and chord progressions in the new key 

After learning advanced chords and chord progressions, you can now start to apply all the knowledge to a song. The next step is to start learning an easy song

After spending time learning an easy song with easy chords in the new key, you are now ready to take on an advanced song. The next step is to learn how to play advanced songs in the new key

Become a better musician

All the tools you need to learn all 12 Piano keys easily and become a better musician overall

Intervals and Distances

Master the concept of intervals and distances using play-by-ear step by step guide. This is an important skill for learning all keys

Chord Numbers

As you start to play in multiple keys, the concept of chord numbers become an essiential skill to have

Chord Structure & Naming

Learn all you need to know about chord structures and how chord naming works. This is an essential skill to have as a gospel musician

Chord Inversions

This is a must-learn for beginner to intermediate musicians. As you learn all keys, it becomes necessary to be very good at chord inversions

Turn Simple Chords Into Advanced Chords

Learn how to turn basic chords into advanced chords even while you’re learning a new key

Use Numbers To Transfer Knowledge

Learn how to practice in one key and transfer all the knowledge to any other key

Easy to Advanced Song Performances

Each key comes with 2 songs that go from easy to advanced difficulty levels. All songs come with study mode videos, MIDI files and backing tracks that help you learn the chord progressions easily

Practice Routine Templates

Learning how to play all keys requires structured and intentional practice and performance. The practice routine templates show you what you should practice on what days before Sundays so you are best prepared

What You Will Learn.

  • Step by step guide to learning the major scale notes of a new key (in every single key)
  • Easy to advanced finger exercises in every single key
  • Learn easy to advanced chord progressions to help you get used to the new key
  • Learn easy to advanced songs in the new key
  • Learn POWERFUL gospel Piano theory and concepts to speed up your learning process

What Students Are Saying

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No More Transpose

Learn How To Play All 12 Piano Keys The Easy Way
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is good for beginner to intermediate level musicians who want to skip all the guess work and learn exactly what they need to learn and how in order to QUICKLY get the the next level.

When you enroll you get INSTANT DOWNLOAD access to all of the course content/material! 

This course is good for beginner to intermediate levels. If you are still learning the Piano or you only have basic Piano knowledge, you will learn from this course but you may not be able to easily apply the knowledge.

The course is over 8 hours and 30 mins of lessons, exercises, drills, performances and tutorials.

You will be able to INSTANTLY download all the course files/materials. 

After successful payment, you will be directed to a download page that gives you INSTANT access to all files. Your bonus 90-day ‘All Access’ pass also gives you UNLIMITED access to download course materials for this course and other courses.

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