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Get access to Gospel Keys Easy top YouTube tutorials in one convenient place. You will be able to watch our best YouTube tutorials and download associated files easily.

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We will continue to add fresh content on a monthly basis as long as new videos (including free downloads) are posted to our YouTube channel. Plus other premium (courses/songs) content will be added from time to time on a timed release/access basis.

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Our ‘All Access’ membership plan is the regular plan that gives you access to all content. You will not be left out when you start your free membership plan because there will be regular timed access to some of our ‘All Access’ content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

‘Free Membership’ pass gives you access to few courses and song tutorials. It is also a very convenient way to access the top (best) Gospel Keys Easy YouTube tutorials and their downloads. More importantly, ”free membership’ gives you lifetime access to current and future YouTube tutorials downloads.

No. Free membership plan gives you the following benefits: download all YouTube tutorials ‘Free Download’ content, lifetime access to select (few) premium courses and songs, timed access to premium content and lifetime access to GKE Academy community.

Yes. Every course or tutorial comes with supplementary materials like MIDI, MP3, PDF files, which is yours to keep forever.

Yes. If you get our monthly memberships and you cancel your membership, you will be downgraded to our ‘Free Membership’ program.

Unlike many other programs out there, we focus on guidance and structure.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how much information you’re given; if the information is not properly structured in a logical and manageable way, you won’t see desired progress. 

It is the only way to access Gospel Keys Easy YouTube tutorials free downloads. It is also a way to try out Gospel Keys Easy courses and tutorials. And finally, it gives you lifetime access to Gospel Keys Easy Academy community.

Sadly, the ‘free membership’ plan is not adequately equipped with our core structured courses and song tutorials. It is the only way to access our YouTube free downloads, a few courses/songs and timed access content. 

No. When you make a one-time donation towards your free membership, we consider it as your way of supporting us and in return you get access to a section of our member area for a lifetime. We want to appreciate you for your donation and support.