Step-by-Step Lessons to Develop Your Core Skills

Perfectly organized lessons to help you build a solid Piano foundation as well as help you learn the Piano by ear.

3 Courses

Welcome to the Piano. This level will teach you fundamental skills no matter what style you want to focus on. 

You’ll learn how to set up your practice space, how to find Piano notes, proper posture and more. You will practice your first scale and learn simple chords. However, this level won’t won’t just be about exercises, you’ll learn your first real song.

3 Courses

Practicing scales can get boring very quickly. You’ll learn how to make the process musical and enjoyable.

This level will help you to build more confidence on the Piano so you can come back for more.

This level will help you will build technique, learn theory and train your ears

4 Courses

Chords make songs. In this level, you’ll dive deeper into the concept of chords.

In this level we will be working on major and minor scales, suspended chords, ear training and how you can identify chords on your own. You will be learning diatonic intervals and different types of chords like augmented, minor, major, diminished and suspended chords.

4 Courses

Level 3 was about learning simple chords and how to use them. In this level, we go further by learning how to play chords like a pro.

It will be a bit challenging but the reward will be worth it and you will be happy to start to learn and play new songs using “riffs” and “fills” to spice up your playing.

4 Courses

In this level you will learn how to take your playing from good to great as you develop your musicality and skills.

Warmups, Piano rhythms, chord progressions, dynamics and control will help you become a better and well-rounded musician.

The skills you will learn here will show you how to go from being a regular beginner Piano player to the one that commands attention every time you play the Piano. You will learn chords, progressions and how to express emotion through the keys of the Piano.

5 Courses

This level is very broad and is all about how to apply practical Piano techniques and solving Piano player problems.

Expect to emerge from this level with a clear understanding of the circle of 5ths, hand independence, creative way to practice scales, various improv styles and much more.

4 Courses

Some of the best skills to learn as a Piano player is ear training, rhythm and the ability to transcribe songs. In this level, you will learn ear training at an advanced level, you will learn how to identify all kinds of triad chords, you will learn rhythms as well as how to transcribe songs.

The lessons in this level will give you a solid foundation as a musician even as you learn the core knowledge for becoming an independent and skillful musician.

3 Courses

Level 7 is all about advancing and shaping your skills as you get better and more skillful on the Piano. As you improve on your chording and hearing abilities, you also need to start working on soloing and playing of advanced chords and progressions.

You will learn pentatonic scales fingering, minor pentatonic scales and 7th chord progressions

6 Courses

This is the final level of the Gospel Keys Easy Method even though music does not have and end point. In this level, you will learn how to turn everything you have studied into a lifelong pursuit of discovery, learning and happiness.

Learn everything from theory for intermediate to extended intervals, modes, modal mixture, soul chords, passing chords, tritone substitutions, slash chords, diminished scales and much more.

Wherever you want to go on the Piano, this level will show you how to go about your journey and as a member, you can always come back to refresh your memory or take advanced lessons.