Left Hand SuperPowers: Unlocked

Learn The “Secret” Practice Technique That Dramatically Unlocks The Powerful Skills Dormant In Your Weak Left Hand

What if you could finally get your weak left hand to be as good as your right hand?

Discover the simple step-by-step system that reveals the secret to developing your left hand dexterity and skills with a simple practice routine technique that you can do for 10 minutes daily and see great results in just one week! 

Here Is My Story...

In 2010, after I’d reached intermediate level and was approaching advanced level…

I reached a point where I had to break out of the chains of playing the 1-5-1 shape with my left hand…

I knew I could not progress to advanced level if I could not do certain things with my left hand…

I thought it was too late to develop my left hand…

I thought this ability was reserved for people who are classically trained…

I was hit by a serious realization of my current situation and sadness that would change the way I approach my left-hand-fluency exercise…

Oh man…

I wasn’t feeling good about the abilities of my left hand. But it led to one of the biggest revelations I’ve ever had in my piano career.

And in a moment, I’m going to this uncover this discovery and what provoked it.

But first, you should know this:

I’ve had many students buzzing me to help fix their stuttering left hand…

And every time I diagnose them, I notice they either have no slightest clue about what they want… and what to do…

Or they’re spending massive efforts learning bad left hand piano habits.

So, if you’re struggling to attain left hand piano fluency you might want to take this seriously.

You see…

2010 was a very tough year for me because that was when I made up my mind to stick to piano till the bitter end.

I even made the proverbial decision of… “working my b*tt off and become one of the greatest gospel pianist ever to grace this green earth.”

And as you might guess… I worked very hard and hard work paid off but the pressure was much.

But not for long…

Because, a couple months after I made up my mind, I began practicing a bunch of left hand fluency exercises

And to be honest,

It was very, very painful.

Majorly because my perfectionism brain couldn’t get the “quick fix” it wanted.

But really, I had no idea what I was doing. I would practice just three left hand scales (major scale, pentatonic scale & blues scale)… because that’s what every “guru” would prescribe.

And at the end of the day, all I was able to do was nothing more than the three scales I practiced.

But I wanted more!

I wanted total left hand LIBERTY… and SOVEREIGNTY!

I wanted to play all those mind-blowing arpeggios and jump chords… and those athletic left hand moves.

So I spent nearly half a year studying the great pianists, reading between the lines…

Testing practice routines and making notes.

And somehow, I connected a few crucial dots and…


That was literally one of the best days in my entire 365 days of 2010.

I quickly developed my unique left hand practice method and got to work

And while I didn’t get the instant result I really wanted, I was able to make my left hand catch up with my right hand ALL ROUND in just 2 months. Surprisingly, I started seeing great results from 1-2 weeks!

And thanks to this left hand practice method, you can now do whatever you want with your left hand.

Unlike other boring exercises…

This left hand practice method stems from the principle of constructivism— which allows you to interact with your process and make everything fun.

Don’t waste years trying to figure out why your left hand is not as good as your right hand or how you can improve your left hand. Learn the easy technique to unlock your left had superpowers with step-by-step lessons in all 12 keys.

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But this is not something you can find anywhere on social media and as far as urgency is concerned, the only place you can hear a word about how to use this method is the ‘Left Hand SuperPowers: Unlocked’ course.

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