Accelerate Your Piano Growth.

No more confusion on how to grow as a musician… No more wasted Piano practice efforts… No more frustration about what to practice and how to practice…

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Are you feeling lost as a gospel musician and you need a definitive way to grow your Piano skills as you navigate to the advanced skill level? Our Growth Accelerator course is just what you need with more than enough tools for your growth and adequate answers to all your burning questions.

The Fastest Way To GROW Your Gospel Piano Skills Combined With The EASIEST Instructional Videos & Effective Practice Plans -- Get Ready For A Piano Learning Blast Off!

Having the Right Mindset

Learn how to cultivate the right mindset towards your personal practice, growth and routines. Also learn about the SEASONS SECRET.

Learning Songs

Learn how to transcribe songs and learn how to go about the process of learning songs by ear.

Building Strength of Playing Technique

Learn how to apply proper strength to your Piano playing technique.

Scales and Modes

Learn all the scales and modes and how they apply to gospel Piano. Also learn how to improvise and solo with scales and modes.

Soloing and Runs

Learn easy yet powerful techniques to improvise and solo to songs. Learn how to do great sounding solos and runs.

How to Learn All 12 Piano Keys

Learn how to easily teach yourself how to play all keys using easy techniques and secrets.

Grace Notes

Learn how to make any chord sound beautiful and amazing with grace notes.

Must-Know Gospel Piano Concepts

Learn essential gospel Piano concepts that will help you go from beginner to intermediate and from intermediate to advanced.

Gospel Piano Theory

Learn some important gospel Piano theory like the number system and chord naming in order to have the right foundation to master gospel Piano.

Gospel Chords & Progressions

Learn some nice gospel chords and progressions as well as how to apply them to your playing.

Major 7th Chords

Major 7th chords are PILLAR chords in gospel Piano and here you learn how to to make them sound super rich, full and PHAT!

Drop 2 Chords

Learn how to play drop 2 chords as well as how to apply them to your playing. Also learn drop 2 circle of 5ths.

How To Use Sustain Pedal

Are you using the sustain pedal properly? Learn how to properly use the sustain pedal in order to get the best sound out of your Piano.

Gospel Chord Voicings

Learn how to create your own interesting chord voicings and how to turn basic chords into advanced chords 

Diminished Chords

Build your foundation and confidence in playing diminished chords.

How To Train Your Left Hand

Learn how to train your left hand so you can play chords and solo at the same time or effectively play with a bass player.

Simple Reharm Techniques

Learn how to do reharmonizations so you can come up with your own interesting chord progressions.

Tell Me...

  • Do you struggle to decide on what to practice?
  • Do you feel frustrated when you practice because you can’t see tangible results?
  • Do you struggle with deciding when or how you should practice?
  • Do you study a lot of YouTube tutorials but you see little or no improvements?
  • Do you wish to know what you should be practicing everyday in order to SPEEDILY improve?
  • Do you want to learn the most important gospel Piano concepts and theories you should be learning?
  • Do you wish you had someone who understood your musical struggles and could coach you through them?

If you’ve had any of these questions or issues, then the Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator Course is just for you!

You want to grow your gospel Piano skills, but...

…you just don’t.

Maybe not just yet, anyway.

You need to learn the right chords and progressions that will give you that sound you desire. You need to know what and how to practice in order to gain all the required knowledge to play beautifully well.

However, right now, there is no direction. You’re not sure how to improve… You don’t know what to practice… Perhaps, watching a lot of YouTube tutorials will help?!

Well, you have tried watching a lot of YouTube tutorials but the confusion and frustration levels are increasing… Maybe you just have not found the right YouTuber or tutorial?!

You probably tried locking yourself in your room so you can focus on practicing long hours with the hope of coming out a lot better.

All these can be frustrating and annoying. It can even make you want to quit.

But you know what?

It’s not your fault.

If your playing is not sounding like what you really wish and dream of, it’s probably because you’ve never been shown how to play that way.


Congratulations! Because those days of confusion and frustration are over.

The Growth Accelerator course was designed to quickly speed you past the FRUSTRATION and CONFUSION straight into a place of CLARITY and EXCITEMENT and sense of purpose and a clear direction of how to take your playing skills to the place where YOU want it to be.

You want to play with confidence.

You want to play beautifully.

You want to know exactly what to practice in order to improve. 

You want to know what to practice and when to practice so you can QUICKLY get to the next level without wasting time…

If these are the things you want, then this is the course you need right now!

What You Will Learn.

  • All the essential gospel Piano theory and concepts you will ever need to SPEEDILY get to the next level.
  • Learn all the concepts for building the RIGHT mindset PLUS learn everything that you should be practicing RIGHT NOW!
  • What you need be practicing now in order to QUICKLY improve your playing skills. 
  • How long you need to spend on a concept before moving on to the next one.
  • The SEASONS SECRET which will transform your Piano learning mindset FOREVER!
  • Learn all the gospel Piano concepts you need to know PLUS how to apply them to your playing.

What students are saying.

Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator

The Fastest Way To GROW Your Gospel Piano Skills
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  • Gospel Musician Growth Accelerator Course ($1,000 Value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course is good for beginner to intermediate level musicians who want to skip all the guess work and learn exactly what they need to learn and how in order to QUICKLY get the the next level.

When you enroll you get INSTANT DOWNLOAD access to all of the course content/material! 

This course is good for beginner to intermediate levels. If you are still learning the Piano or you only have basic Piano knowledge, you will learn from this course but you may not be able to easily apply the knowledge.

The course is over 8 hours and 30 mins of lessons, exercises, drills, performances and tutorials.

You will be able to INSTANTLY download all the course files/materials. 

After successful payment, you will be directed to a download page that gives you INSTANT access to all files. Your bonus 90-day ‘All Access’ pass also gives you UNLIMITED access to download course materials for this course and other courses.

If there is a question not covered here or something we haven’t made clear enough or if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to shoot us a question at