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Learning Gospel Piano Shouldn't Be A Mystery...

Does This Sound Like You?

If this sounds like you, then you understand the FRUSTRATION involved in traveling this musical journey alone, and now you're probably here because you've tried things that DID NOT WORK... And you might be at a RISK of:

Going through life entirely, without ever achieving your FULL musical potential?!

Wasting years of study and practice without significant improvements?! 

Adding your name to the music graveyard of musicians who quit the journey due to years of discouragement & frustration?!

Spending long hours practicing your Piano at home with only a hope of seeing little to no improvements?!

Being stagnant at you current skill level and not seeing further improvements?!

Getting up on stage and feeling overwhelmed with how to impress because you’ve practiced every YouTube trick?!

…However, you’re not alone and a lot of musicians around the world are also facing these challenges that you are going through…

Here is the GOOD NEWS: You’ve come to the right place!…

I know the struggles that an up-coming musician like you could be experiencing because I have also been there and this is one of the inspirations behind creating this platform. For musicians like you who just want to keep growing on their musical path with CRYSTAL CLEAR improvements every time you practice. GKE Academy will help you grow consistently and FASTER than you could ever imagine!

A lot of musicians get discouraged after many hours or practice with TINY results or they waste time doing the wrong things; due to these myths:

Thankfully, you've come to the right place to get the much needed guidance, training and direction...

Welcome to Gospel Keys Easy Academy

Gospel Keys Easy Academy is the best online platform for learning gospel Piano and becoming a seasoned/professional gospel musician BY EAR!

With our unique OFFERINGS (which have been categorized into 4 HEAVY powerhouses)  you have a CRYSTAL CLEAR pathway to learn the Piano or go from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced with utmost EASE.

Gospel Keys Easy Academy was founded because we know and understand how it feels to see other musicians play SKILLFULLY and you just wonder “Will I ever be as good as this?” … or “When will I reach this level of musicianship?” 

We know the FRUSTRATION of not having proper direction or guidance.

This is why we have built this Academy, just for you so you can start to improve with confidence. Supercharge your Gospel Piano skills 20X faster than what you could ever get ANYWHERE ELSE!

Gospel Keys Easy Academy Offerings

Take TOTAL Control of Your Musical Future With Our Offerings Below. Learn All the Musical Skills You Need to Stand Out and Be the Talk of Every Gig, Service or Event.


Learn the Piano With Step-By-Step Curriculum

The Gospel Keys Easy Academy Method is our unique way of teaching you how to play the Piano by ear, from scratch. Our Piano Method, designed to give you a solid foundation – is a collection of courses with several lessons per course with nine different levels across the board. Learn how to play the Piano by ear the easiest way possible!


Pro-Quality Intermediate to Advanced Masterclasses

We have masterclasses for every level of your journey as a musician. Our masterclasses are not designed to teach  you a few tips and tricks here and there like you find on other platforms (even big ones). Our masterclasses were designed with utmost care & consideration for musicians looking for a long term improvement.


Multigenre/Extensive Song Tutorials

Building a repertoire of Gospel songs helps you learn the common movements, chords, progressions & nuances that give gospel music its sound. This will strengthen your foundation on the piano and with our properly structured curriculum, you will learn all the skills you need to start playing beautiful music the easy way


Get Lifetime, 100% FREE Access to High Quality, Select Courses & Song Tutorials.

Are you on a budget but you still wish to be a part of Gospel Keys Easy Academy? Start your free membership today and get LIFETIME access to premium courses, song tutorials and timed access to some of our All Access content, and the free membership is currently valued at over $1500.

Trusted by 300+ active students

Learn The Gospel Piano Skills You Need To Stand Out & Be The Talk Of Every, Service, Gig & Event.

We’ve Boiled Down Gospel Piano Mastery Into These 4 Key Ingredients:


We cover everything from simple finger exercises to advanced fingering, speed, dexterity, practice techniques, and everything in-between. Gain super powers for your technique!

Gospel Piano Theory

Our primary teaching method is play-by-ear but we teach music theory that helps you understand what you’re playing and gives you musical freedom.

Gospel Songs

Building a repertoire of Gospel songs is a SURE path to becoming a very successful musician. It helps you learn the common movements, chords, progressios & nuances that give Gospel music its sound.

Modern Piano Embellishments

Modern Gospel Piano has been evolving and now it’s a norm to add embellishments, melodic fills, passing chords and more to your playing. We will keep you up to date in this area.


Step-by-Step Lessons to Develop Your Core Skills

Perfectly organized lessons to help you build a solid Piano foundation as well as help you learn the Piano by ear.

3 Courses

Welcome to the Piano. This level will teach you fundamental skills no matter what style you want to focus on. 

You’ll learn how to set up your practice space, how to find Piano notes, proper posture and more. You will practice your first scale and learn simple chords. However, this level won’t won’t just be about exercises, you’ll learn your first real song.

3 Courses

Practicing scales can get boring very quickly. You’ll learn how to make the process musical and enjoyable.

This level will help you to build more confidence on the Piano so you can come back for more.

This level will help you will build technique, learn theory and train your ears

4 Courses

Chords make songs. In this level, you’ll dive deeper into the concept of chords.

In this level we will be working on major and minor scales, suspended chords, ear training and how you can identify chords on your own. You will be learning diatonic intervals and different types of chords like augmented, minor, major, diminished and suspended chords.

4 Courses

Level 3 was about learning simple chords and how to use them. In this level, we go further by learning how to play chords like a pro.

It will be a bit challenging but the reward will be worth it and you will be happy to start to learn and play new songs using “riffs” and “fills” to spice up your playing.

4 Courses

In this level you will learn how to take your playing from good to great as you develop your musicality and skills.

Warmups, Piano rhythms, chord progressions, dynamics and control will help you become a better and well-rounded musician.

The skills you will learn here will show you how to go from being a regular beginner Piano player to the one that commands attention every time you play the Piano. You will learn chords, progressions and how to express emotion through the keys of the Piano.

5 Courses

This level is very broad and is all about how to apply practical Piano techniques and solving Piano player problems.

Expect to emerge from this level with a clear understanding of the circle of 5ths, hand independence, creative way to practice scales, various improv styles and much more.

4 Courses

Some of the best skills to learn as a Piano player is ear training, rhythm and the ability to transcribe songs. In this level, you will learn ear training at an advanced level, you will learn how to identify all kinds of triad chords, you will learn rhythms as well as how to transcribe songs.

The lessons in this level will give you a solid foundation as a musician even as you learn the core knowledge for becoming an independent and skillful musician.

3 Courses

Level 7 is all about advancing and shaping your skills as you get better and more skillful on the Piano. As you improve on your chording and hearing abilities, you also need to start working on soloing and playing of advanced chords and progressions.

You will learn pentatonic scales fingering, minor pentatonic scales and 7th chord progressions

6 Courses

This is the final level of the Gospel Keys Easy Method even though music does not have and end point. In this level, you will learn how to turn everything you have studied into a lifelong pursuit of discovery, learning and happiness.

Learn everything from theory for intermediate to extended intervals, modes, modal mixture, soul chords, passing chords, tritone substitutions, slash chords, diminished scales and much more.

Wherever you want to go on the Piano, this level will show you how to go about your journey and as a member, you can always come back to refresh your memory or take advanced lessons.


On Demand Access to industry Leading, Life Changing Masterclases

There is a masterclass for every stage of your musical journey. Get 24/7 access to these life-changing masterclasses and even much more that are included in the academy right now.

Traditional Gospel Piano Masterclass

A step-by-step system that gives you mastery of the Traditional Gospel Piano Sound
View Product

Embellishments & Fills Xtreme

Become a master of the modern Gospel Piano embellishments & fills concept with over 70 concepts and over 12 performances
View product

Gospel Piano Masterclass Xtreme

Learn advanced "gospel" sound, expand your playing and take your gospel piano skills to the next level!
View Product

Growth Accelerator Masterclass

Discover how to grow your gospel Piano skills your own way with several theory and guidelines.
View Product

No More Transpose

Learn how to play all 12 keys with step-by-step guide, practice performances, exercises, practice plans and more...
View Product

African Piano Style Mastery

Learn how to play African Piano rhythms, bass lines based on several African countries.
View Product

Everybody Has a Song To Learn. We Teach You How To Play Them!

Building a repertoire of Gospel songs helps you learn all the popular gospel Piano movements, chords and nuances that give Gospel Piano its unique sound. 

We have several song tutorials that come with study mode videos which show you the performance at “turtle speed.” You also get MIDI files, backing tracks and detailed video tutorial breaking it down into simple parts. With MIDI files, you can transpose the performance to any key of your choice and desired tempo. And if you ever get stuck, you can always ask for help!

You have all the tools you need to never miss a note.

Find the Perfect Tempo.

Our Study Mode videos will play back the performance at turtle speed without compromising on quality. This helps you learn the song very quickly even without the need for a tutorial breakdown.

Loop the hard Parts.

Slow down any section of the song using our advanced Video Player or slow down the MIDI playback in any key of your choice.

Available On All Your Devices.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll be able to learn and play the songs you love whenever you want.

High Quality Performance & Backing Track Audio.

Our song performances are usually very identical to the original song track. Immerse yourself in high quality song reproduction for performance and practice, using available backing tracks.


Get 100% FREE, Lifetime Access to YouTube Free Download Content, High Quality Select Premium Courses, Song Tutorials, Gospel Keys Easy Academy Community & Timed Access to the Academy ‘ALL ACCESS’ Content.

Lifetime Membership for a One-Time Fee.

Our FREE MEMBERSHIP is a one of a kind offer that gives you UNRESTRICTED, lifetime access to the Gospel Keys Easy Academy with so much benefits as shown below.

Download All YouTube Tutorials 'Free Download' Content.

Get unlimited access to free downloads like MIDI files, Study Mode Videos, etc… from our YouTube video tutorials.

Lifetime Access to Select Premium Courses.

When you purchase a Free Membership plan, you INSTANTLY get unlimited access to some of our premium, high value courses without paying anything extra.

Timed Access to 'ALL ACCESS' Content.

Our ‘All Access’ membership plan is the regular plan that gives you access to all content. You will not be left out when you start your free membership plan because there will be regular timed access to some of our ‘All Access’ content.

Lifetime Access to Select Song Tutorials.

Get our Free Membership plan today and get INSTANT access to some of our top courses, premium song tutorials and more… And they will be FREE for you forever!

Lifetime Access to Gospel Keys Easy Academy Community.

Become part of a community of like-minded musicians who are on a journey of becoming better musicians with each passing day. Start your free membership plan today and you get LIFETIME access to this community.

We've Even Created A 100% Free e-Book To Help You Formulate A Success Plan

Free Gifts

Get Our Free Masterclass & eBook

'Ultimate Gospel Piano Chord Hack' &...

'Secrets To 10x Your Ability To Hear, Play & Understand Gospel Music'

When you download your copy of our Gospel Piano Chord Hack which contains untold secrets of gospel Piano legends, you won’t just discover a proven method to learn how to become a master of gospel piano; you’ll also learn  fast and easy ways to quickly develop and accelerate your skills and even have people pay thousands of dollars for your gift, when you watch our free masterclass!

Here Are Some of the Values You Get From the Academy:

Unlock the Ability to Play Gospel Piano

You’ll learn chords, progressions, embellishments, chord voicings and structure that give gospel musicians their distinctive sound. Once you understand all this, then you can bring all the knowledge to all the songs you play, and play gospel Piano in your own unique way.

Ear Training

As a gospel musicians, your biggest asset is your ear. The academy has several courses that give you all the necessary tools to help develop your ears so you can easily recognize/identify chords, chord progressions and everything in-between.

Licks, Lines & Runs

What do you play during those passages where the singer/congregation is silent? These blank spaces are opportunities to add in juicy lines, licks, fills and runs in order to fill in the space. Get access to several courses that teach you exactly what to do in these moments with licks, lines, runs and fills.

Learn Proper Technique

We cover everything from your sitting position and posture to ear training, advanced finger strength building, dexterity and speed, and everything in between. You will gain a solid foundation to build on your current skills or learn new skills that will take you to greater heights.

Song Tutorials

You no longer need to search YouTube to find the chord progressions to the songs you want to learn. Every month 1 or more new songs are added, and if there’s a song you want to learn that isn’t already available, you can make a request for the breakdown.

Modern Gospel Embellishments & Fills

With the recent evolution of gospel Piano which now includes a heavy use of melodic fills, lines and embellishments; you can not afford to be left out of this new trend. Join the academy and get access to dedicated courses that help you become a pro at gospel Piano embellishments and fills.

Practice Plan to Help You Focus

As a gospel pianist learning to play or playing by ear, it can be sometimes frustrating to practice everything you want to learn. You will get access to courses that teach you how to transform your playing easily as well as show you easy practice plans on how to get there.

Passing Chords

Ever wondered how advanced players can take a regular song and make it sound "FIRE" with all those nice, advanced chord moves and embellishments? What they’re mostly doing are passing chords! You'll learn several of these passing chords and how to apply them to your playing.

Learn Traditional Gospel Piano

If you're a gospel Pianist and you live in the USA, then you know how important it is to know how to play Traditional Gospel Piano. We have a HIGHLY DETAILED and informative course that teaches you traditional gospel Piano from basics all the way to advanced level. It also covers all 12 keys.

Piano lessons at your fingertips.

Learn from our wide library of resources. Wherever you go. Whatever you use.

You could be on a trajectory to playing like a Pro gospel Piano Legend

Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps...

Find Your Skill Level.

Finding your skill level gives you a clear picture of where you are and how you can plan your learning process to get to the next level.

Select Suitable Masterclass.

Pick an appropriate masterclass for your level and learn the concepts, songs & exercises you need to quickly get better at your playing.

Transform Your Playing Forever!

Once the first 2 steps are completed then you should gradually see & feel major improvements in your playing and skills. Now you are ready to start impressing your audience and family!

Here Is What You Get When You Join the Academy

The Gospel Keys Easy Academy gives you unlimited access to all of Gospel Keys Easy content. Below are what you get when you signup today

Access to All Courses.

Over 400 video lessons for beginner to intermediate and all the way to advanced/pro skill levels. 

We cover every question you might have with playing gospel Piano by ear.

Access to All Song Tutorials.

Learn how to play slow worship songs to fast hand-clapping, foot-stomping praise songs as well as everything in-between.

Monthly Student Video Reviews.

The monthly student review is our virtual master class, where students get the opportunity to submit a video and get direct feedback from me on their playing; everyone gets to benefit from watching the review.

Download All MIDI, Score, PDF, and MP3 Files.

Every song breakdown tutorial comes with downloadable MIDI files, Scores, PDFs, and MP3 backing tracks. 

You will be able to download all song/course materials so you can use them as you wish

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (Elite Only).

As an ELITE All Access student, you have to access to our monthly live Q&A session. All Elite members get to meet with me on a video/audio conference call to ask questions and get answers in real time with me on the Keyboard.

Free 15 Mins Video Session.

When you sign up to any of the All Access membership plans, it is a priority for me to meet with every student within their first month of joining the academy. This is to ensure that you are on the right path and you are able to easily achieve your goals for joining.

Stream Lessons From Any Device Including Smartphones.

Take advantage of the benefits of online learning and get access to all content anywhere, anytime and from any device. GKE Academy is affordable and you can learn at your own pace. 


Here are some real and verified testimonials from real people that purchased Gospel Keys Easy courses and song tutorials.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

If getting better as a gospel Piano player is what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find a better and easier way to achieve this. A month’s subscription costs less than a single half-hour lesson with most Piano teachers.

I am very confident that the courses in the Gospel Keys Easy Academy will help you get better the easy way, at 20x speed better than anything else out there. However, If you’re not happy with the academy within 30 days after joining, you’ll get a no questions asked full refund. Just send an email and your refund will be processed.  

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! 

Piano Lesson Yearly Cost Comparison.

Music College


Private Lessons


GKE Academy


Not Sure If Gospel Keys Easy Academy Is For You?

Who the Program Is Not For

Who Is the Program For?

See How GKE Academy Gives You The Edge

GKE Academy

Private Lessons












Pay Only $32 /month, $288 Billed Annually


You Pay $200 /month, Typically $50 Per 30 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When you get the ‘All Access’ membership plan, you have 24 hours to try the membership (for a very small fee) before you are charged for full payment.

‘All Access’ pass (no matter the variant) gives you access to every single Gospel Keys Easy material. Nothing is left out!

No. Free membership plan gives you the following benefits: download all YouTube tutorials ‘Free Download’ content, lifetime access to select (few) premium courses and songs, timed access to premium content and lifetime access to GKE Academy community.

No. You can only stream the videos just like you do on YouTube

Yes. We offer AMAZING perks and bonuses for single purchases. Click here to learn more.

We offer a full 30-day refund. If you do not wish to continue before day 30, you can ask us for a full refund.

Yes. Every course or tutorial comes with supplementary materials like MIDI, MP3, PDF files, which is yours to keep forever.

Yes. If you get our monthly memberships and you cancel your membership, you will be downgraded to our ‘Free Membership’ program.

Yes you can. If you are not sure how to do it, shoot us an email, and we will get it sorted for you.

Unlike many other programs out there, we focus on guidance and structure.

I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how much information you’re given; if the information is not properly structured in a logical and manageable way, you won’t see desired progress. 

YouTube is great for bite-sized, mini information. YouTube videos are often lacking in structure, guidance, and direction. 

There are many “instructors” on YouTube – all with different ideologies who are giving out information and advice. When you base your learning on the YouTube approach, the process becomes chaotic, messy and lacks clear direction for long-term implementation. 

You should know that YouTube is really a big distraction for any serious musician looking for long-term improvement and benefits.

YouTube is not a place for real growth; it is a place for getting tips and tricks here and there and this is where the GKE Academy comes in to fill in that gap in the YouTube approach.

The secret key that you’ve been missing this whole time has been a system to learn gospel piano. We can show you that system that 100’s of other pianists are currently learning and thriving in!

You’re 100% right! If you are trying to learn gospel Piano on your own, it will probably take very long than it should. However, learning from someone who has already faced the same challenges and has achieved the same things you aim to achieve; you will be able to get 100x the results than trying to do things on your own.

If there is a question not covered here or something we haven’t made clear enough or if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to shoot us a question at

Learning Music Should Be A Fun, Stress-Free Journey. Find Out How...

At GKE Academy we understand that our members have the desire to become better, highly and great musicians. In order to achieve this goal, you need an EASY route to help you get better at an amazing speed.

If you feel like you are lost and you don’t know where to start or how much time you need to improve. Or maybe you just feel so frustrated and discouraged due to past experiences and you just feel like you’re ready to give it all up…

We believe that learning music should be EASY, fun, fast, engaging and rewarding!

We understand the pain, frustration and confusion that you may be experiencing…

This is why we have created this academy with a very simple system where you can learn everything you need to get to the next level in just 3 steps. The good news is that these can be done super fast and you can get to your desired professional level of musicianship EASY and fast.

Here's how it works

  1. Find your skill level
  2. Sign up for the right masterclass
  3. Transform your playing

Whether you are new to the Piano or you are intermediate to advanced level looking to SUPERCHARGE your playing skills, GKE Academy has got you covered!



Sign up to Gospel Keys Easy Academy today and start your musical transformational journey. You can also check out our ‘Free Membership’ when you click the link above.

Gospel Keys Easy Is Rated Almost 5 Stars for customer satisfaction. See the reviews >>

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