Ear Training & Number System Tutorial


Well-trained ears are a must for a gospel musician.

This tutorial package is a tool to help you get started on the journey of getting your ears trained.

The Ear Training Section

This section shows you how you can start to train your ears by yourself; with the help of the tonic solfege. It shows how you can start to improve your musical ears using songs that you already know. It also has a series of exercises to help train your ears as well as show you how you can train yourself moving forward.

Chord Numbers (Musical Number System) Section

This section comprises of 2 videos which carefully break down the number system and chord numbers concept. After watching this videos you would have mastered the number system completely.

As a bonus, a popular song has been added to demonstrate this concept and help you master it once and for all.

What You Get

  • 9 videos in total
  • ~45 minutes of video footage in total
  • Practice videos
  • Train your ears and learn how to train your ears
  • Master the number system and chord numbers concept
  • Compatible with mobile and desktop devices



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